Vertical Blinds combine style, form and function to create a clean and sleek look. Versatile and economical, Vertical Blinds are ideal for large windows with long drops or wide widths and sliding doors.

Vertical Blinds give you complete light and privacy control with the ability to rotate the direction of sun light throughout your room.

Two control options are available, the traditional cord system and a wand system. The easy to use and child safe wand control tilts the blades and open and closes the Blind in one action.

Vertical Blinds are available as one way draw with the blades stacking together from the leftor right hand side or centre open with the blades split each side. The narrow blades in Vertical Blinds minimises the stack back allowing you to maximise your views and natural light. Vertical Blinds can be recess or face fitted, allowing the Blinds to be installed inside the window frame or on the architrave bordering the window. Face fitting allows you to fully stack back the blades and if there is room either side of the window blades can be taken past the to maximize your windows view.

Choose from our extensive range of block-out, translucent and sunscreen fabrics in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures.