Night curtains are perfect companions for bedrooms, living room and lounges when we need a dark environment ideal for both sleeping and watching movies. They are heavy weighted in fabric and designed to give optimum privacy for your home.

Most often, night curtains are often paired with day curtains to give homeowners the choice of their desired light control during the day.

3 types of Night Curtains – Normal, Dim-Out Curtains, and Black-Out Curtains.

Normal Curtains
It offers full privacy when closed and blocks off 50% of sunlight as they are made of a single layer opaque fabric.

Dim Out Curtains
Providing privacy and ability of blocking most of the light, Dim-Out is made of triple layer fabric with a black layer in between the fabrics therefore able to block 80% of light depending on the color you choose. They are lighter than black-out curtains and easier to maintain.

Black Out Curtains
Black-Out curtains block out 100% light to create complete darkness in your room. It can create the darkness and ambience of the night and help reduce sleeping problems. Highly recommended for people who have health problems due to insomnia, or inculcating good sleeping habits for the young ones. Ideal for that cinema effect for home theater systems and quiet time.