Choosing the right Tracks, Rods and Hardware is one of the most important elements when deciding on your Window Furnishings. These accessories complete the look and also allow you to add decorative finishes. We custom make Tracks, Rods & Hardware accessories to fit any window size, the options and possibilities are endless. We also offer a range of Readymade Tracks, Rods and Hardware accessories.

We custom make made to measure Tracks in various different colour options. The flexibility of our made to measure Tracks allow us to custom fit these to any size and shape window such as Bay Windows or Curved Windows.

Choose from Single, Double or Triple Tracks. Double & Triple Tracks combine more than one Window Furnishing, allowing you to create layers of Curtaining to a window. With a Double Track, Sheers can be layered beneath Curtains. Using a Triple Track, Sheers, Curtains and a Valance can be layered over.

Tracks can be mounted onto walls or ceilings allowing great flexibility in achieving different design goals – Hang them in front of windows, go around corners, use them as room dividers or around a bed.

Choose from Hand Drawn, Cord Drawn or Motorized Tracks. Drawn systems can accommodate one way draw for single curtain panels or two way draw for dual curtain panels. Motorized Tracks allows you to press a button on your remote and your Curtains will glide from side to side and stop exactly where you’d like. The fabric of automated curtains is also known to last longer than hand or cord drawn curtains.

The most common tool for hanging window treatments, rods are available in many different widths to fit varying window sizes. Decorative Rods can transform the look of your Curtains and come in a variety of different materials and styles.

Finials are the decorative pieces that you find at the end of a rod. We have a range of different styles and finishes allowing you to completely customize the look of your Window Furnishings.

Generally decorative in nature, rings attach to the rod and allow your window treatments to easily open and close.